SOS DS Mission Statement

SOS Debt Solutions, LLC is a Business Debt Resolution Company. Our objective is to assist Business Owners who are overwhelmed with Business Debt. This means, the merchant is in Default, Default is imminent, or the Merchant is already being Sued. We DO NOT encourage or instruct the Merchant to default on Lender Agreements. SOS DS is completely transparent with the process and the consequences of defaulting on Lender Agreements. SOS DS considers each case on an individual basis. If SOS DS cannot improve the prospect’s situation, the file will not be accepted. SOS DS DOES NOT overpromise or mislead clients in any way. SOS DS maintains a respectful working relationship with Creditors and Attorneys. Although these relationships translate into favorable settlement arrangements for the Merchant, SOS DS cannot control the actions of the Creditors. The role of SOS DS is to represent the Merchant, mitigate Legal Issues, negotiate agreeable, reasonable settlement arrangements with the Creditors, address Lien Enforcement issues, relieve the Merchant of daily financial and emotional stress and officially complete all Final Settlements. SOS DS ultimate objective is to protect the Merchant from Collection Tactics, provide Financial Relief and save the Client’s Business.